our story

Decorating can be challenging and many times, certain decor pieces are needed to soften a space or add some personality. This is what decorative pillows can offer.

At Makena Decor, we believe in making spaces more welcoming by including decor pieces that exude luxury and showcase your individual style.


Makena Decor, named after my daughter, Makena, which means one who brings happiness. 

We're a small business dedicated to helping designers and homeowners bring some individuality into their designs and projects.

A room design is an outward representation of a person's personality. Therefore, we want to be a part of helping you highlight your best features using the best decor pieces available.

Our pieces stand out while making strong impressions on everyone.

At makena Decor

We believe enhancing a space creatively has the power to inspire, create and change the atmosphere of an entire room.


As a business, we are committed to ensuring that every space finds its own style – no matter its size.

From living rooms to bedrooms and offices, we’re dedicated to redefining the possibilities of creativity by introducing handcrafted pieces that bring warmth and personality to every space.

We aim to introduce the beauty and exclusivity of uniquely crafted, luxury throw pillows to every space that wants to stand out. 


Browse our many pillow options! The possibilities are endless!!!