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Why Lumbar Pillows are All the Rage

While in the beginning stages of establishing Makena Decor, we decided early on that including rectangle sized pillows into our inventory would be the cornerstone to our business model.  Commonly referred to as lumbar pillows, is one of those items you can never go wrong with including in your must-have decor staples. Think of lumbar pillows as jewelry-although small in size, it is mighty. The absence of jewelry or if worn incorrectly has the power to make or break an entire outfit. Lumbar pillows have the same effect on your design space. 

When selecting throw pillows, especially lumbar pillows there are 3 tips you should consider. 

Tip # 1

Regardless of what anyone says, size absolutely positively matters. When decorating, consider the size of your furniture pieces and the throw pillows themselves.  To avoid pillows looking lost and out of place on your bed, sofa, accent chair or desired location,  choose pillow sizes that will compliment the size of the furniture.

Tip # 2

We may be a little biased here at Makena Decor with this next tip but feather down inserts are a “must have” for luxury throw pillows. What your pillows are filled with makes all the difference in the world.  Feather down inserts provide support, shape and structure to throw pillows. We’ll share more benefits of feather down inserts in a later post but the biggest takeaway from this tip is that feather down inserts are essential when decorating your ideal space.  

Tip # 3

Lumbar pillows can offer your space a serious “ wow factor”.  While mixing and matching patterns is an artform by itself, it's essential to consider the other patterns in the room when choosing throw pillows. Lumbar pillows go amazing with accent chairs but if your accent chair is bold with big patterns, it's best to pick a toned down throw pillow look. The accent chair and pillow should compliment one another rather than detract and clash. 

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