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Tips To Mix & Match Throw Pillows Like A Pro

Decorating with throw pillows is one of the simplest ways to inject style into your bedroom, living room, and family room. And since there are so many affordable and stunning options out there, it’s a shame to restrict yourself to the set you got with your couch or to just play it safe with two solid-colored pillows. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up all the different combinations you can try out for an incredibly polished and coherent look! 

Choose Three Colors

Start by choosing a “color story” with hues pulled from other parts of the room, like the curtains, a rug, or furniture. A few color combinations that look great include: 

Orche Gold Throw Pillow

Emerald Green Velvet Pillow

Antique Gold Throw Pillow

  • Beige + Clay + Brown

Play With Patterns 

When playing with patterns, make sure each pattern incorporates at least one of the shades from the three-color story you’ve chosen. Then, proceed with the following evaluation:

  • Pick a dominant pattern: Choose your “lead” pattern first, maybe featuring a geometric design or large-scale flowers, such as the Autumn Garden Throw Pillow or the Delightful Dandelions Throw Pillow.  

    Autumn Garden Throw Pillow

    Pick a solid pattern: Pull one of the colors from the dominant pattern. Picking the least obvious shade will work best, and it doesn’t have to be the exact same color — a similar tone would look good. For example, if your dominant print is the Blue Hue Throw Pillow, the Dramatic Eyes Blue Throw Pillow will be the perfect complimentary choice.

    Dramatic Eyes Blue Throw Pillow
  • Pick a smaller-scale print: Either go for the same shade as the solid pattern or another color pulled from the dominant print. This smaller-scale print can be anything, including polka dots, like the Cyan Dots Throw Pillow, an Animal-Print Throw Pillow or a striped pillow, like the Fuchsia Corduroy Throw Pillow.  

    Animal Print Throw Pillow

    Don’t Forget Texture 

    Picking throw pillows in different textures can make your interior much more aesthetic. From raw silk, macrame, and faux leather to wool, velvet, and linen, there are tons of varieties available to help add depth and visual interest to any room. Some of our favorite picks include: 

    So, what are you waiting for? Pick the right colors, choose the statement-making patterns, and add different materials through stunning throw pillows to give your home a facelift in no time! 

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