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Owning A Luxury Pillow Business

Sheesh...who knew that starting a pillow decor business would be this much work. Starting Makena Decor is a true labor of love. The many twists and turns, the many stones to turn and unturn has really been eye opening. I've been so hands on in this process that I wasn't quite sure when we were going to hit the "SEND' button on launching. There's so much to do but I can promise you, we've come a long way tthis new venture. 

We are excited for the journey and we hope that you'll join us for the ride. We promise to bring you through this journey. I've enjoyed the ride thus far and prayerful that God will bless short of amazing! Thank you for staying with us thus far.

What are you most looking forward to with the launch of Makena Decor-luxury pillow brand? 

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