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Touchy Feely -Throw Pillow Textures

If you're like me, you may be the type that likes to try on clothes before purchasing. While I loathe making trips to the dressing room, especially with a little one in tow, I loathe just as much having to think about the shirt I wished I purchased and kick myself royally because now its no longer in-store.  

Well, we have a solution for those of you like me who would love to "see and touch" your pillow fabric before deciding to buy. We have fabric swatches available for each of our pillow covers. Its a quite simple process:  

BROWSE our available selection. While browsing, jot down the names of the pillows that catch your eye and interest you the most for a swatch.

Once you've identified your favorites, click on SHOP and under the dropdown, select "FABRIC SWATCH". Count the number of your pillow options and account for the quantity with the "+". Once done click "ADD TO CART". 

Next, select "VIEW CART" and type the pillow names for each of the swatches in the "order special instructions" box.  I'd recommend reviewing your quantities against the names of pillows you've listed to ensure they're accounted for. Once you're done, click "CHECK OUT". Enter all the necessary details for shipping and there you have it!. One great thing to note, our fabric swatches ship free.

There is one caveat to all of this and its a must we tell you upfront. Just like you run the risk of the shirt you've been eyeing in the store not being there once you've made up your mind to purchase -the same rules apply for our pillow covers. We have limited quantities for the purpose of creating exclusivity for our clients. What you see today may not be available tomorrow and it may never come back in stock. So if you decide to delay purchasing your favorite pillow covers, it may not be in stock once you've made the decision to move forward to purchase. Let us know if you have questions. 

Tell us, what's your shopping preference, try it on and then buy or buy it now and return it if necessary later? 


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