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Creative Ways To Introduce A Pop of Color To Your Home

Every year, we look forward to relishing the brightness and exuberance of the outdoors in the beautiful months of summer and spring. So why not bring the same cheerfulness indoors to be enjoyed all year round? 

Continue scrolling for some of the simplest yet super effective ways to give your home a major facelift by introducing a pop of color. 

Roll Out A Bright Rug 

Being an affordable and easy-to-find decor item, rugs can add interest underfoot to spruce up your home effortlessly. What’s more, they are available in various colors, materials, shapes, and sizes, making sure you land an article that complements your theme. 

Depending on your lifestyle’s requirements and the design style you’re working around, there are innumerable options you choose from, including border, coastal, chevron, geometric, distressed, floral, etc. 

Toss In A Few Throw Pillows 

You’ve probably been layering throw pillows and cushions for as long as you can recall — after all, they’re one of the most effective ways to add a punch of color and can even be switched out depending on the season! 

Below we’ve compiled a list of different combos you can choose from to put together a seamless look with a touch of bold hues without overwhelming the space. 

Hang Colorful Wall Art

Walls are the perfect blank canvas to breathe life into your interior through bright colors. Whether you want to opt for one large wall hanging as a statement piece or choose to go for a busy gallery wall as a focal point, wall art definitely lends a helping hand in casting an incredible transformative take on your home. 

Assorted mirrors with bold borders, for example, will do the trick in a Boho room; a bright macrame in an eclectic design; sleek abstract art in a minimalistic room; oil paintings in a mid-century design, and so on. 

That’s All! 

While a well-curated neutral color scheme is sure to create a timeless look and instant unity, energizing the color palette with a few bright colors is a fantastic idea to liven up your interior. 

So, pick your favorite ideas, customize them according to your preferences, and refresh your home now! 

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